Being a Surfer in a traffic exchange means only one thing, minimal success! Traffic exchanges are a great way to become a marketing name brand but yet still does not produce the results you need with the urgency you want it in. You get 5-8 seconds to try and "WOW" a new prospect into buying your product or service. Unless you have a very captivating splash or squeeze page to get their attention, 9 out of 10 they will bypass your offer. The hurtful aspect about this is, you might have an awesome product but you just can't get the chance to prove it.

Truth of the matter, this happens more than you know. And the ones that benefit the most is not the marketer with the awesome sales page but the traffic exchange owners who capitalize off of your inexperience. That is something for you to think about. It's not like you can go without using the exchanges because you need advertising to get your product or service out to the masses and traffic exchanges do help do that to a certain extent.

Now here is where being a part of our club will turn the tides in your favor! In our Surfer's Union Club. We have made it so your advertising on traffic exchanges will bring you a great deal of money just selling graphic packages, advertising space, and introducing new members to our UNION. It's a very simple concept that works because it will provide every traffic exchange marketers dream, Simple, Real, Viral Income! A statistic even veteran marketers will not overlook.

Now, What Is "Surfers 2 Success Club"?

Surfers 2 Success Club is a UNION of Traffic Exchange surfers who have discovered the secret to unlimited wealth and prosperity through unity, selling graphics, and advertising space. Surfers that utilize this website are guaranteed success because of the value of the products we offer and the unlimited viral growth they build as a network. They will also find success do to the many surfers who desire to earn more than they spend. We have over 75,000+ graphics that will be uploaded to the member's back office. Each Month you will get a new graphic product pack to help with your online marketing. But we did not stop there! We also have other resources that will be available to you in the back office that will help you:

  • Build Your List To Infinity
  • Become an Ad Space Seller
  • Sell Ebooks
  • Opportunity For Instant Paypal Cash Product
  • 4 Free Lifetime Upgrades
  • And Much More!

We wanted to make it so that every marketer that becomes a member and remains a member, receives valuable, downloadable materials they can be used to help spice up their splash pages, squeeze pages, websites, emails to their network as well as be able to build a network that will keep growing to infinity!

Our goal is to help marketers build their money making network by using their club membership and product sales to gain infinite income using a " Give 2 receive 2 to infinity" referral profit program that is on a one level direct pay system. This provides viral income for those that take their income making serious and want to put themselves in a better position to live a comfortable life with minimal effort. This helps those veterans and beginner marketers who have trouble advertising and making sales. A true priceless value on turning failure into success.


How Does Compensation Work? 

Each member is considered an "affiliate" salesperson that is fully authorized to sell our graphic packages online for $7.95 monthly subscription. But here is the kicker, after you register and pass the first two new sales prospects to your sponsor, you will keep 100% of the commissions minus $.95 for paypal and payza processor fees. So your commission payment for each new member that purchases and joins our club is a monthly payment of $7.

That's awesome right. IT GETS BETTER! Since you gave your first two up, this qualifies you to receive the first two of every member that purchased a sale from you after your first two. Meaning that your 3rd sale and every sale after that will pass their first two new prospective sales to you in order for them to qualify to receive 100% commissions. This provides viral income, viral referrals, and unlimited growth potential for every Traffic Exchange Surfer that joins our club!

This is a guaranteed success structure! A traffic exchange surfer who does not join this strategy is really not serious about making money online. This is truly the most simple way to earn an extreme amount of money. All you do to be successful is:

  1. Register your member for $7.95 per month
  2. Collect your purchase of your graphics
  3. Advertise the unique, High Converting Splash pages
  4. Communicate with your team on what to do next
  5. Collect the money from your fastly building Network
  6. And keep repeating steps 3-5.

That is the most simple way to earn money online.

NO Tricks
NO Con or Scams
NO Game Playing

Just a straight money making opportunity for those marketers that are ready to finally put an end to the penny surfing and make some cold hard cash that will never stop growing and dubbling day after day, week after week, month after month! This site will help you make money from all those days and nights you spent surfing online only making $2-$3 per week or hoping and praying someone upgrade just so you can get your 35%-50% cut while the exchange owner earns the rest. With us "YOU", earn it ALL! 100% Commisions!

Click the link below to register/purchase your graphic pack and begin blowing up your Payza or Paypal accounts all for the low price of $7.95 per month.  Wouldn't you like to make this kind of money monthly (see below).



With the millions of surfers online today 500-1000 Sales would be easy!



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